About Us
I acquired my first Abyssinian (a gorgeous usual female who constantly rode on my shoulder) in 1992 when, as a newly qualified vet, I had a house full of animals. Later, work abroad and a new young family saw fewer animals in the household but now that my 3 children are developing into animal lovers in their own right my poor husband is resigned to once more living with an assortment of pets!
We live in Lancashire on the Pennine moors with lots of space both inside and out to accommodate our animal friends.

After the sudden loss of a much-loved moggie my young daughter Zoe and I decided  to get an Abyssinian of show and breeding quality, and in July 2010 we welcomed Surfin Summer Sky, a beautiful blue Aby female into our family.

Showing her and our ever-growing Aby family became our 'mother-and-daughter pastime', a way of spending some good times together, however as Zoe is now training as an elite ballet dancer I find myself attending many shows on my own! We have made lots of 'Aby' friends and hopefully have increased our knowledge of the breed.
My eldest son became interested in the silver varieties of Abys but as I am a lover of the more pure colours he instead has recently acquired his own sorrel silver Somali female and I have joined him with a usual Somali female and sorrel male of my own.

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